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Free summit days will begin on September 20, 2022 and run through September 27, 2022. Click on the button below to save the summit date to your calendar.

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Hello! I'm loving this summit

and have learned so much in the past few days.

Azeena J

I just finished watching day 2. I loved it.

I'm learning so much about my menopause and why I need to re-think hormone replacement (bio identical). I had no idea about all the negative side effects of not taking anything the last year. Thank you for this , it's one of the better gifts I've given myself this year. (Registering for your summit)

Vanessa M

Just wanted to let you know that the content in the events is great.

I thought the hormone explanation from Dr Carrie Jones was excellent.

Anna A

The talks are not only informative,but enjoyable as well

The speakers are genuine and very credible,and talk from the heart.

Margo S

The summit was inspiring and full of great advices for an aging population

Very needed at these times. Gives a lot of hope


Thank you. This day (Day 6) was so informative and helpful

Grateful that you have everthing subtitled as well. Greetings from the Netherlands"


Love these talks!! So much great information!!

Can't wait to buy the books of some of the speakers to learn more practical tips.


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